Welcome to the American Reiki Academy’s blog. On this blog, we discuss Reiki, an ancient hands-on healing art with roots in India and Japan, as well as other issues related to energy healing.

I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher in direct lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, original Grandmaster of Reiki. As Director of the American Reiki Academy, I have been teaching and sharing Reiki with people for the past 20 years, training thousands of students worldwide to become accomplished Reiki practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers.

I hope you will enjoy the thoughts on these pages. As I explain in classes, Reiki is both a technique for healing and an energy as well, and this energy facilitates self-growth, spiritual exploration and change on many levels. Although we are all led to Reiki in different ways, what is significant and interesting is what students of Reiki have in common. There seems to be an inner seeking, a quest for more, an urge to discover our soul’s mission on earth. In the ancient vedic texts of India, we are told to ask of ourselves three questions daily: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I best fulfill my purpose? Reiki is just one way to help facilitate answers to these questions.

If you choose to work with or learn Reiki, your life will never be quite the same. Reiki is about allowing the power of the Divine to move through you in order to facilitate healing and expansion in both yourself and others. Reiki teaches us not only a healing skill but also opens within us a sense of unconditional love for all beings everywhere. Although there are many ways in which to access this flow, Reiki provides a most immediate manner that is easily taught, easily learned, and easily practiced. The depth to which you experience inner change is directly dependent upon how much you work with the gift that is given you through the Reiki. Like a muscle, the Reiki energy expands the more you use it, making you kinder, more peaceful, more loving.

I send you blessings that the energy of Reiki may illuminate your path and bring you closer to remembering the powerful presence that you already are.

With Light,

Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani, M.A. Director
American Reiki Academy

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